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Turn your dreams
into careers
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Career & Technical Education (CTE) & Me!

Middle school is the best time for you to start exploring all of the different career paths.

By discovering your likes and dislikes now, this will give you time to adjust your path before you leave high school.

Exploring CTE Programs will give you the opportunity to:

  • Build career and technical skills that will help you have a successful life and career

  • Strengthen your communication and critical thinking

  • Expose you to different types of careers

  • Help you choose from exciting areas such as health care, electrical, photography, 

      or even owning  your  own business

Exploring CTE Programs means you can learn about and enjoy activities that: 

  • Provides you with challenging knowledge and skills needed to prepare you for further education and ultimately your career

  • In high school you can earn an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or college credit

  • Combine math, science, and art with technical and occupational knowledge to provide you with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.

CTE Career Exploration Resources to Explore








Natural Resources Video & Activities

Watch the video on Natural Resources and

Automotive Technology Video & Activities

Watch the video on Autos and Hybrid Cars




Baking & Culinary Arts Video & Activities

Plumbing & Heating Video & Activities














Electrical Technology Video & Activities




Building Trades Video & Activities

Medical Professions Video & Activities 

Emergency Services Video & Activities














Cosmetology Video & Activities

Digital Media Arts Video & Activities

Exploratory Technology 












Co-op Program


A Sample Occupation Video From Vermont CareerExplorer

CTE is Cool!

Explore CVCC PROGRAMS & Related Activities

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