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Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology provides an introduction to and training in the automotive service industry. Areas of concentration include: steering and suspension, brake systems, electronics, and engine performance, and General Service Technician Training. Students will learn the proper repair and maintenance procedures to service automobiles and light trucks. Instruction includes the proper use of power and hand tools and an introduction to welding skills. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Stephen McKinstry

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 1176

Plumbing & Heating

The Plumbing and Heating program is designed to give students a basic knowledge of plumbing and hydronic heating systems. Students who satisfactorily complete the program will be prepared for entry-level plumbing and heating jobs, including a registered apprenticeship. Plumbing and Heating fields currently have excellent growth outlooks over the next ten years throughout New England with Vermont alone projected to need 280 new plumbers. 80% of graduates from the past two years found work in the field. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Clifton Long

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 1189

Digital Media Arts

DMA is the home of creativity and collaborative project-based learning at the Career Center. Enhance your vision of the world in our photography unit where you can master cameras and manipulation software. Learn new ways of communicating and work with community professionals in your community during our graphic design unit. Bring your movie ideas to life during our filmmaking unit where you gain access to industry-standard camera equipment and learn to master software. Through photography, graphics, film, music, web design, and animation our students master creativity for the entire world of media possibilities. See program proficiencies here.

DMA I Instructor: Matthew Binginot

DMA II Instructor: Carlos Diaz

Phone: (802) 476.6237 DMA I: ext: 1177 / DMA II: ext: 2130

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Building Trades

Building Trades prepares students for careers in general construction. The projects students participate in are informed by the community needs as well as industry trends and needs. Students in Building Trades learn the principles and skills of general carpentry by constructing a five-piece modular home and other various projects. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Dimitri Kolomeitsev

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2137

Emergency Services

Students in Emergency Services are provided with the instruction required for entry-level work or post-secondary training in the fields of Emergency Medical Services and Fire Science. Students will learn to demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate situations independently and in teams. They will apply emergency service response skills to manage an incident scene as a First Responder. They will make informed, healthy choices that positively affect the health, safety, and well-being of themselves and others. The program begins the year with an initial exploration of Emergency Service classroom work (lecture, readings, and independent study projects) and transition into visits with local experts in the field. Students will participate in ‘ride alongs’ with local First Responders and fire departments. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Carl Matteson

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 1320

Exploratory Technology

In the Exploratory Tech class, students learn foundational skills and introductions to career pathways to prepare them to be successful in a Career Center Program in their junior and/or senior years. Exploratory Technology students balance their time between practicing their academic skills and shadowing in all CVCC programs, giving students a chance to explore career pathways and opportunities provided by Career and Technical education. The Exploratory Technology Program follows a curriculum that emphasizes the development of critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Students learn applied academic and technical skills designed to prepare them for success in any technical program at CVCC. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Timothy Hammond

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2134

Instructor: Stephanie Olsen 

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2137


Design Arts

Eighteen thousand people worked in the granite industry in Barre in its peak years. The need for these craftspeople and other skilled workers is still in high demand. CVCC has teamed with Norwich University and the Vermont Granite Museum to create a program called Design Arts. This program is intended to create a new generation of skilled craftspeople in the stone arts profession. Students will work with and be taught by professional artists and will practice the skills of using time-honored hand tools along with the latest technology in 2D and 3D CNC manufacturing instruments. Through opportunities to sculpt a variety of materials and build projects from dry stone, students will develop their skills with an eye toward the manufacturing industry along with creating art. With an opportunity to apprentice with local companies students will learn the science of stone and rock identification, sculpting and carving, dry stone masonry, as well as architecture and landscape design. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: TBD

Baking &

Culinary Arts

Baking & Culinary Arts is designed to provide the knowledge and the skills needed for employment in the hospitality, culinary, or baking industry and prepares students to enroll in post-secondary education. Much of the student training is provided through The Lunch Box Restaurant (located on our campus). Designed with a focus on nutrition, teamwork, and farm-to-table practices, this course has everything and more for students passionate about food preparation and gives a complete introduction to the world of professional cooking and baking.  See program proficiencies here.

Baking Arts Instructor: Wendy Clark

Culinary Instructor: Kristine McSheffrey

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 1175

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources and Sustainability Program pushes the idea of learning outside of the classroom and into the natural world. Through hands-on education, students study real-world solutions to sustainability issues and complete projects of importance in their community. Students learn about natural resources conservation, environmental stewardship, and sustainable systems while working as a team to identify and solve problems. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Amanda Garland

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2124


Cosmetology prepares students to enter the cosmetology workforce with knowledge in all areas required by the Vermont State Board of Cosmetology. Students will learn the theory behind the hands-on aspects of the industry including hair cutting, color, chemical texturizing, waxing, skin care, nail services including artificial nails, and makeup application. Students will also perform and master these services in the CVCC in-house salon while adhering to state regulations. Students will also learn about anatomy and physiology, chemistry, electricity, infection control, professional image, and business practices, just to name a few. See program proficiencies here.

Instructors: Cindy MacRitchie & Christina Currier 

Cindy MacRitchie:

Christina Currier:

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2020

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Electrical Technology

The Electrical Technology program gives students everything they need to prepare to be electricians. Electricity is essential for light, power, air-conditioning, and refrigeration, and electricians are trained to install, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems for a variety of purposes. Students in Electrical Technology may work indoors or outdoors on a variety of construction sites as well as in our program’s lab. This course provides training to prepare electricians in both the fields of construction and maintenance. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Brandon Morris

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2016

Medical Professions

The Medical Professions program introduces students to a variety of health occupations including nursing, emergency services, home health care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgical services, dental assisting, radiology, cardiology, and acute care experiences. Students will learn the foundational skills required in specific health occupations and will prepare for college coursework in a variety of medical fields. Through classroom instruction and clinical shadowing experiences, students will learn functions and educational requirements of various health care team members, specific job skills common to patient care, knowledge of the human body and body systems, math skills used by today’s health care practitioners, medical terminology and communication skills in healthcare settings, and advanced health career exploration through clinical internships in acute care facilities, medical offices, and clinics. Upon successful completion, students will have acquired a solid foundation preparing them to pursue post-secondary education in a wide range of medical professions/health care fields. See program proficiencies here.

Instructor: Jeneve Joslin

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 2127

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program extends academic and technical training beyond the classroom by providing opportunities for students to apply their learning in a workplace setting. The program is collaboration between the Central Vermont Career Center and area employers and is designed to offer paid or unpaid career-related jobs that build on and expand a student’s entry level skills. Whether the goal is to develop self-confidence, employability skills or advanced job placement, the Cooperative Education career based curriculum encourages students to put their education to work. See program proficiencies here

Instructor: Wayne Tozzi

Phone: (802) 476.6237 ext. 1137